Adelaide Confused (Empath book 1)

To Adelaide Graves, being empathic isn’t a gift, it’s a curse. Nothing could be worse than the barrage of emotions that are constantly seeping in, that is, until she starts seeing ghosts. Such gifts don’t go unnoticed by Reed Wallace, the island’s richest celebrity, who is quick to use his own gift to strong-arm Adelaide. Luckily, she’s half-immune to his unnatural charm, though not to his blackmail. Now his scheming has got her neck-deep in a dangerous race, desperate to find a demon diary, the key to unlocking another realm.

Adelaide Upset (Empath book 2)

The tarot cards don’t read in the empath Adelaide Graves’ favor. She’s got a demon creeping into her dreams and the disappearance of her dead friend Smith to solve. But it’s starting to look like a case of murder, and someone doesn't want her poking through the past. Even with ghosts, demons, psychic powers and curses to contend with, Adelaide’s most daunting task is making Lucas Finch her boyfriend.

Adelaide Annoyed (Empath book 3)

Adelaide Graves couldn’t care less that the gifted are gathering on St. Simons in celebration of the Festival of the Dead. She’s only interested in one thing—cracking the curse that’s interfering with her love life. But when girls start to go missing from the event, she’s spurred into helping. It won’t be easy. Plagued by a demon and distracted by her family, Adelaide’s struggle with her empathy reaches new heights.

Adelaide Afraid (Empath book 4)

As an empath, Adelaide Graves has a good reason to be standoffish.  People equal emotions and she’d rather do without.  But there’s no avoiding her boyfriend, Lucas Finch, whose new temperament is taking some getting used to, or the wealthy, enigmatic Reed Wallace who won’t take no for an answer.  But she’s already got her hands full with the legendary lighthouse ghost who’s taken to maiming.  Worse, there’s a demon prowling around that can possess people to hide in plain sight.  No one on the small island of St. Simons is safe from suspicion.  Adelaide’s waiting on pins and needles to see what havoc he’ll wreak.  And when someone close to her gets hurt, she knows she’s at fault for calling the demon into this world.  Ready to set things right, the disgruntled motel clerk is going to have to face her fears.


Fledge (Fiona Frost book 1)

Fiona draws more attention than she would like being the only female that does hard labor on Earth’s dusty, bone-dry colony, a planet called Providence. But she’s just been plucked from her family’s farm and dropped into a military camp where no girl has ever served as a soldier before. Expected to fulfill the training required of all seventeen year old males her age, Fiona is forced to rely on her format, a group of twelve teammates. With one imposing leader, an alien, some troublemakers, and a handful of misfits for mates, can she find her place?

A teen science fiction and romance, Fledge is the first novel in the Fiona Frost Trilogy.

Captive (Fiona Frost book 2)

Fiona Frost is a farm girl turned soldier that hails from Earth’s arid colony, a planet called Providence. On the day she is meant to be celebrating with her mates, she’s inadvertently shipped into space where she falls prey to the inhabitants of Braacktda, a hostile race whose only wish is to kill her. Stranded on an alien planet and held captive by an inscrutable savage, Fiona faces death often. With only her military training to save her, can she survive?
A teen science fiction and romance, Captive is the second novel in the Fiona Frost Trilogy.

Rebel (Fiona Frost book 3)

Postponed indeterminably.



Claire Buchanan Duke has a hankering for blood, but she’s different from those cursed creatures that drink it. Unsure of what she is or where she comes from, Claire tries to get by the best she can. But the visions don’t help, and her latest is the worst yet—a picture of her death. Destined to break an age-old curse, Claire is plunged into danger, and there’s only one person capable of saving her. Soon she finds herself entwined with the black sheep of the blood-drinking community, an ill-tempered assassin with little interest in protecting her. Can Claire escape her fate?
An urban fantasy with a twist of Celtic myth and romance, Harbinger is a stand-alone novel set in a world of the Cursed and Chimera.